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Ultra-high resolution for the radiographic examination

15. Dec 2016 /

DÜRR NDT is revolutionizing digital radiography with its newly-developed DR 7 NDT CMOS detector.  With a pixel pitch of just 19µm, an incredible basic spatial resolution of 25µm can be achieved. This allows the user to perform ultra-high resolution radiographic examinations, with extremely low noise and brilliant images. This is a very attractive proposition for both aerospace and oil & gas applications.

Brilliant results for industrial X-ray film processing – and now REACH compliant!

17. Oct 2016 /

Our well-tried NDT X-ray chemicals for industrial film processing have been further improved by DÜRR NDT and have obtained REACH compliance. All toxic and carcinogenic ingredients have been omitted from their formulas: the XR-F-6 NDT Fixer is now free of boric acid and the XR D-6 NDT Developer is free of hydroquinone and aldehyde, as before.

DÜRR NDT continues to set standards!

01. Jun 2015 /

Once again, DÜRR NDT is paving the way in digital radiography. After already creating a sensation in 2006 with the world‘s first scanner to boast a basic spatial resolution (BSR) of 40 μm, DÜRR NDT is now set to make an impact with the first scanner certified by BAM for a maximum BSR of 30 μm.

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Technical articles

Influence of the laser spot size on the image quality of a CR system

Steve Jelfs, NDT Specialist, DÜRR NDT
12. Jul 2017 /

Computed Radiography (CR) is a digital imaging technology where phosphor imaging plates (IP’s) take the place of conventional radiographic film. Once the IP’s are exposed to radiation, the CR scanner uses a focused laser to read the information from the imaging plate and transfer it to software that renders an image on a computer.

Quick industrial X-ray testing without intermediate data carriers of information

Prof. V.A. TROITSKIY, The E.O.Paton Electric Welding Institute of the National Academy of Science of Ukraine
18. May 2017 /

Flash-radiography (FR) is the radiography without intermediate data carriers (films and storage plates). FR produces a quick image. It provides for low cost of testing, capability of multi-angle real time monitoring of internal defects of the objects.

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