HD-CR 43 NDT Automatic Imaging Plate Scanner


Automatic Imaging Plate Scanner for your heavy workload applications


Technology proven in more than 25,000 units


Individually adjustable to your preferences


Fast connected to the network or installed as single station


Stepless between 2.5 lp/mm and 20 lp/mm


Long-lasting and sturdy cassettes

Highest efficiency on smallest foot print

Adaptive erasing
The erasing intensity is adapted to the exposure type in order to avoid ghost images.

Contact-free IP processing
Completely contact-free Imaging Plate transport. 25,000 scratch-free scans.

Fully automatically
Insert the Imaging Plate cassette and remove after scanning, the rest is done automatically.

Smallest foot print of its class.

Imaging Plate cassettes
Imaging Plate cassettes with RFID for cyle monitoring and assignment.

Excellent image quality due to design and innovation

Smart Erasing
Depending on the application, the erasing unit can be preset accordingly.

Fully automated process
Removal and return of Imaging Plate to and from cassettes is fully automatic.

Air Duct
The cooling air remains within the air duct and thus does not carry any dust into the device.

Scanning device
Optical unit with laser Pentaprism and photo multiplier.

Transport guidance
Guides the Imaging Plates exactly along the detection unit.

Robust aluminium cassettes increase life-cycle and provide optimal protection for Imaging Plates.

Technical data HD-CR 43 NDT
Laser spot size 12.5 - 200 µm
(Stepless selectable)
(Basic Spatial Resolution)
40 µm (certified by BAM)
Grey level resolution 16 bit, 65.536 grey levels
(H x W x D)
113 x 41 x 46 cm
Weight 56 kg
Electrical 100-240 V / 50-60 Hz
max. 250 W
Temperature range 10 to 35 °C
Noise Level < 39 dB(A)
Laser Class Laser Class I (EN60825-1)
PC-Connection Ethernet
(TCP-IP protocol)
Imaging Plate sizes HD-IP plus 18x24, IP 18x24
HD-IP plus 24x30, IP 24x30
HD-IP plus 35x43, IP 35x43
Max. Cassettes / hour ∼68
Software DÜRR NDT D-Tect
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