Green Industrial X-Ray Processing Chemicals | Film Developer & Fixer

"Green" NDT X-ray chemicals

Stunning results for industrial film processing

Universal use

Including mixed systems of different radiographic equipment and films

Green chemistry

Free of all toxic an cancer-causing materials

Diverse NDT applications

Proven in oil & gas, aerospace, nuclear and military applications

Important features

  • REACH complaint
    Contains no boric acid, hydroquinone or aldehyde
  • 80 % less cleaning
    Save cleaning costs and minimize downtime
  • Low consumption
    900 ml/m² developer, 1200 ml/m² fixer
  • One-part concentrates
    No starter or other additives are necessary
  • Odorless
    Pleasant to use with no offensive smells

Important features

  • BAM certified
    In accordance with standards DIN EN ISO 11699-1:2012 and ASTM E1815-08 for AGFA STRUCTURIX and CARESTREAM/KODAK INDUSTREX films.
  • Stunning results
    Whether you process your films manually or automatically.
  • Secure archiving
    We guarantee a virtually indefinite retention period (ISO LE 500) for AGFA and CARESTREAM/KODAK films

Important features

  • No hazard labels
    No transport restrictions – worldwide shipping
  • Offshore use possible
    Transport by aircraft or helicopter is unproblematic
  • Frozen? Just thaw and use!
    Simply thawing out and use routinely
  • No worries in hot weather
    Stable up to +40°C for a period of 14 days
  • Long shelf life
    Developer and Fixer remain usable for at least 24 months
Technical data XR D-6 NDT / XR F-6 NDT
Canister capacity 6 liters of concentrate
Stock solution 20 liters diluted
Film processing time 8 min. ± 10%
Immersion time 100 s ± 10%
Replenishment rate
Developer (XR D-6 NDT)
900 ml/m²
Replenishment rate
Fixer ( XR F-6 NDT)
1200 ml/m²
Storage temperature 5°C to 25°C
Stable up to +40°C
(max. 14 days)
Shelf life 24 months
Packaging size Carton with 2 x 6-liter containers
Product number
Developer (XR D-6 NDT)
Product number
Fixer ( XR F-6 NDT)

Further products

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1.5 litre bottle pack. Especially for small processors with tanks up to 5 litre.

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Cleaning films CF 100

Pre-exposed films for cleaning the roller guides in all automatic processors.

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