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2002 till 2003: Beginning

VistaScan imaging plate scanner

It started with a new highlight in digital diagnostics: The dental Imaging Plate Scanner DÜRR VistaScan enters the scene – maintaining top image quality and setting completely new standards in reading-out speed and handling of X-ray films. In 2003 DÜRR Dental starts delivering Imaging Plate Scanners to different healthcare and veterinary partners.

2006: Foundation

HD-CR 35 NDT imaging plate scanner

In 2006 DÜRR NDT GmbH & Co. KG was founded as manufacturer of Imaging Plate Scanners with the highest resolution worldwide in the section of nondestructive inspections NDT.

2006 till 2008


With the development of CR-Scanners for the security sector DÜRR NDT took a consequential step by introducing the well proven technology and experience into this highly critical sector. Reliable and fast diagnostic, as well as mobility are the drivers for this technology.


TreFoc Technology

TreFoc Technology is the name for the our new laser focussing technology, uniquely in systems from DÜRR NDT. With TreFoc the laser beam is adjusted perfectly to give optimal image results and the highest signal - to - noise ratio in any application. Digital radiography has never been more intelligent!


Frost & Sullivan Award

New Product Innovation Leadership Award for DÜRR NDT's HD-CR 35 NDT. - Since the launch of HD-CR 35 NDT in 2006, DÜRR NDT has set a benchmark in the computed radiography (CR) industry for image quality.


30 Micron BSR

Once again, DÜRR NDT is paving the way in digital radiography. After already creating a sensation in 2006 with the world‘s first scanner to boast a basic spatial resolution (BSR) of 40 μm, DÜRR NDT is now set to make an impact with the first scanner certified by BAM for a maximum BSR of 30 μm.

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DR 7.2 NDT CMOS Sensor

DÜRR NDT is revolutionizing digital radiography with its newly-developed DR 7 NDT CMOS detector.  With a pixel pitch of just 19µm, an incredible basic spatial resolution of 25µm can be achieved.

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DRC 2430 NDT Flachdetektor

DÜRR NDT releases hi-res wireless Flat Panel Detector with 76 μm pixel pitch. The extremely robust DRC 2430 NDT flat panel detector has been specially developed for maximum portability and the requirements of industrial radiography.

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DRIVE NDT Management System

DRIVE NDT revolutionizes NDT workflow management. The software solution developed by DÜRR NDT and AAP NDT, for the first time unifies the entire NDT workflow, including all test procedures in a single system.

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D-Tect X

Launch of D-Tect X, the next generation of DÜRR NDT’s proven software for industrial radiography. Developed from the ground-up, it sets new standards in terms of performance and user-friendliness.

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