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CR 35 NDT First Choice for Scandiflash’s Flash X-ray Systems
2023-03-23 07:30

CR 35 NDT First Choice for Scandiflash’s Flash X-ray Systems

Scandiflash is a global leader in low and medium voltage flash X-ray systems with hundreds of systems installed in more than 30 countries, used in a variety of research and development environments. Years of development and production experience and feedback from hundreds of customers worldwide have improved and expanded Scandiflash’s comprehensive product line.

Computed Radiography Scanner for flash X-ray applications

Scandiflash systems can generate images that can see the nearly impossible. The flash X-ray systems are optimized to capture dynamic events of up to km/s speeds and the systems enables shadow imaging as well as processes inside materials and environments that aren’t accessible with optical methods. You can see through smoke and fire all the way up to several cm of steel. Flash X-rays are used in a variety of applications ranging from granular mechanics, via car crash studies to hyper velocity impact studies, like the study of how space debris crash into a satellite at 15 km/s. Using flash X-ray technology, you can observe the protective covering vaporize. Based on the knowledge acquired from such images new satellite protection can be developed.

We asked Pär Gustafsson, CEO of Scandiflash why the CR 35 NDT is their first choice among Computed Radiography scanners: “Scandiflash listened and learned from our customers. The result is a line of products with the robust precision a research team can depend on. The scanner therefor suites our demands and the demands of the flash X-ray community very good, it is robust, portable, can operate with flexible imaging plates, and have a straightforward and easy to use software. As many people use flash x-ray systems in temporary setups where systems are moved within one site or between different sites portability is a key feature. Dynamic events can induce shock waves and the flexibility of the imaging plates that the DÜRR NDT system can operate with, makes the setup less sensitive for these harsh experimental conditions compared to equipment based on stiff imaging plate cassettes.”

Asked about the reason for the cooperation with DÜRR NDT, Pär Gustafsson commented: “A core value for Scandiflash is reliability. Scandiflash has a long-lasting relationship with DÜRR NDT as a partner. For Scandiflash it is important to deliver a system that includes high quality components and the obvious choice for us is DÜRR NDT, that offers products and services that meet our demands and can support our customers pursuing their scientific and development goals. In the end it is the results and success of our customers that counts for us”.

On what Scandiflash likes most about the DÜRR NDT system, Pär Gustafsson continued: “The overall ease of use of the CR 35 NDT scanner is something Scandifalsh values for all parts of our system as we aim to supply a user-friendly dynamic X-ray imaging system to our customers. Additionally, Scandiflash users favor some features that are well supported within the DÜRR NDT CR scanning products, like when dynamic events demand long imaging plates for e.g., to capture different stages of high velocity moving objects where the DÜRR NDT design allows for scanning of > 1m long imaging plates.”
DÜRR NDT is proud to partner with Scandiflash and appreciates having an experienced distributor for CR scanners in the flash X-ray area.

Flash X-ray setup

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