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Rolls-Royce Tested DÜRR HD-Scanner
2009-11-02 14:51

Both HD-CR 35 NDT and HD-CR 43 NDT Passed Successfully

DÜRR NDT proudly announces that it has successfully passed the evaluation of both HD-CR 35 NDT and HD-CR 43 NDT which are considered by Rolls-Royce as film replacement options.

The tests have been conducted in the main laboratory for all new techniques of Rolls-Royce, in Bristol, United Kingdom. The tests were carried out by Kevin F. Skuse, Rolls-Royce Radiography Specialist.

The conclusion of the tests reads as follows:
The DURR HD-CR43NDT and HD-CR35NDT exceed the requirements of RPS720 for both weld and casting inspection. Contrast resolution is equivalent to Kodak MX film on the components used for this evaluation. A geometric unsharpness of better than 0.010mm was achieved.

The HD-CR35NDT can scan different sizes of imaging plate up to 350 mm width and a length that is only limited by imaging plate manufacture as well as specially cut imaging plates that can be placed in flexible envelopes in a similar way to film if necessary, making it a suitable option for film replacement in fabrication areas where flat panel detectors cannot be used because of component geometry.

Both the DÜRR NDT HD-CR 43 NDT and HD-CR 35 NDT exceed the requirements of RPS720 for both welds and castings and proved equivalent to film for highlighting defects in the back to back tests carried out during this evaluation.

The entire report can be send on request.


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