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2009-06-23 16:21


After getting the first DÜRR NDT CR-Equipment in April 2008 for inspections at Ormen Lange, Shell orders second system to be used on Draugen platform.

Only half a year after the official take over from StatoilHydro, which operated the Ormen Lange field during development, SHELL decided to purchase latest CR-technology from DÜRR NDT.

The HD-CR 35 NDT was delivered shortly after being ordered in April 2008. The comprehensive three day training included theoretical and hands-on trials and was firm basis of the successful integration of CR-technology, both for on-stream and weld-seam inspection, rigth from the beginning, said Eivind Grønseth, Inspection Discipline Lead Norway.

DÜRR NDT managed to allow us running the entire system without hassles from day one as they adapted the software to our usual workflow at once.

Thus it was quite easy for all of us to proceed working as usual.


The HD-CR 35 NDT shows one of a kind features. It is the only CR scanner worldwide with a proven BSR of 40µm according to EN 14784-1 and ASTM E2446 (Certificate No: BAM/ZBA/009/08).

It is the perfect solution to change from conventional film and chemistry based inspection to innovative and environmental friendly CR-technology said Erlend Bjoerkvold, RT specialist of DÜRR´s local agent Holger Tecknologi as.

Now, after one year experience with excellent results, SHELL consequently decided to furnish the Draugen platform with a similar device which was delivered May 2009.

Since shipping equipment offshore is always a hassle, the decision is wise to invest in a device, which has proven reliability and fitness for use on both on-stream and weld-seam inspection said Eivind Grønseth.


Oil platform

The Draugen Oilfield has been discovered in 1984 already and thanks to persistent output and thorough inspection and overhauling it will still last for long.

The HD-CR 35 NDT will now get the chance to make its contribution to reach that aim.

The latest version of DÜRR´s image processing software „D-Tect“ was tensely expected for the training, since it comes with the brand new and fully automatic wall thickness measuring function tool which eases the interpretation work dramatically.

After three days training in Molde, the system was shipped to the rig.

Images by courtesy of SHELL


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