Ultra-High Resolution Detector for Radiographic Inspection
2016-12-15 12:14

Ultra-High Resolution Detector for Radiographic Inspection

DÜRR NDT’s newly-developed DR 7 NDT CMOS detector features a pixel pitch of just 19 µm which allows it to achieve a basic spatial resolution of 25 µm. This ultra-high resolution measurement capability as well as extremely low image noise makes this detector perfect for both aerospace and oil & gas applications.

Its compact design of 8.5x50x32 mm (HxWxD) makes the detector ideal for hard-to-reach places, small diameter tubes and pipes, and even inside objects. The advantage of placing the detector inside the target object is that the reduced irradiated wall thickness allows a shorter X-ray exposure time which then leads to an improvement in image quality due to reduced scatter radiation.

The detector has been designed for use in harsh environments with its durable aluminum casing and carbon fiber protected active area (36x26 mm). External vibrations and shocks are also absorbed by an integrated shock absorber which ensures that the CMOS chip remains unaffected by external influences.

The detector features a USB 2.0 interface for power and communication with a 5 meter cable which can be extended if necessary. DÜRR NDT’s proven and DICONDE-compliant D-Tect software provides all the required functions to use this detector such as image acquisition, analysis, reporting, data export, archiving and database management – the user-friendly software interface also allows for seamless integration with automated processes.

DR 7 NDT CMOS detector

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