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Press releases

Press releases

CUI Made Easy with the CR 35 NDT

22. Nov 2022 /

Stork Technical Services has been using the CR 35 NDT Computed Radiography scanner since 2019 and uses it with Iridium-192 in combination with high-sensitivity white imaging plates to perform Corrosion-Under-Insulation (CUI) radiography and digital gap shots which are used to check for gaps in socket welds.

JME and DÜRR NDT Join Forces for Innovative X-ray Solution

27. Sep 2022 /

Some time ago, JME introduced their new digital system for weld inspection of pipelines – the DXB:1. This buggy is designed to produce high-quality panoramic digital X-ray images of circumferential welds in applications such as new pipelines. Together with DÜRR NDT’s D-Tect X imaging software, JME takes its DXB:1 to the next level.

Computed Radiography Ideal for Flash X-ray Applications

28. Jul 2022 /

L3 Harris is a world-leading manufacturer of flash X-ray systems that address a wide variety of industrial and research applications. L3 Harris chose the ScanX Discover HC Computed Radiography scanner for capturing X-ray images because of its numerous advantages such as high contrast and versatile setting options.

X-ray System Maximizes Product Quality and Development at Spectrum Brands

09. Jun 2022 /

Spectrum Brands, a home essentials company, invested in a state-of-the-art X-ray system capable of producing high-resolution images that reveal intricate details with incredibly sharp precision. The X-ray system was built by Lake X-ray, using DÜRR NDT's high-resolution flat panel detector DRA 3543 NDT and D-Tect X software.

HD-CR 35 NDT Increases Efficiency of Oil & Gas RT Inspection Tasks

28. Apr 2022 /

ENOD S.R.L, a large NDT service provider in Argentina, had a major project involving corrosion inspection of pipes with isotopes at 12 different sites. “We broke records on this project using Computed Radiography. We have never completed such a large project so quickly”, says Kevin Rodriguez, inspector at ENOD.

DRIVE NDT Honored by Frost & Sullivan with Product Innovation Award

31. Mar 2022 /

We are proud to announce that Frost & Sullivan has honored our NDT workflow management software DRIVE NDT with the New Product Innovation Award. With this award, Frost & Sullivan recognizes the innovative core of DRIVE NDT and acknowledges the "need for seamless NDT workflow management software to maximize uptime and optimize work processes".

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