Press releases

Press releases

DRP 4040 NDT Proven Workhorse for X-ray cabinets

24. Jun 2021 /

Nissin Brake Georgia (NBG) produces about 30,000 parts per day in its facility and has 4 Lake X-Ray / DÜRR NDT units that are currently running 3 shifts and 24 hours a day. The DRP 4040 NDT flat panel detector is at the heart of this production and been working flawlessly.

Digitizing the Pipe Manufacturing Workflow with the HD-CR 35 NDT

05. May 2021 /

PT. Cladtek, a leading global supplier of CRA pipes, has been a user of the portable HD-CR 35 Computed Radiography scanner since 2018 and primarily utilizes it with X-ray and Iridium-192 sources to perform inspection on weld overlay pipe ends and butt welds.

Computed Radiography in the Art Industry

22. Mar 2021 /

Computed Radiography is often used in the art industry because CR offers many advantages when analyzing works of art, such as paintings or historical artifacts. A main advantage is the wide dynamic range, which makes it possible, for example, to see literally all layers of a painting in a single shot.

New Flat Panel Detector for X-ray Inspection of Elongated Structures

04. Feb 2021 /

We are proud to introduce our new DRC 1024 NDT which further expands our range of robust DRC flat panel detectors. With an active area of 10 x 24 cm, it provides a unique and optimal digital substitute for one of the most used film formats in industrial radiography.

Efficient Wall Profiling with the HD-CR 35 NDT

23. Nov 2020 /

Danamin has been using the HD-CR 35 NDT system for pipe profile inspection since 2007 and initially acquired the system to fulfill an inspection requirement from Petronas Chemicals MTBE in Kuantan.

NDT Students Happy with New CR Scanner and X-ray Inspection Software

10. Aug 2020 /

The students of the Chattanooga State Community College are particularly impressed by the ease of use and portability of the HD-CR 35 NDT. And the teachers are happy too, because the D-Tect software is very efficient and the students learn to use it quickly.

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