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Press releases

Press releases

DÜRR NDT Continues to Set Standards!

01. Jun 2015 /

Once again, DÜRR NDT is paving the way in digital radiography. After already creating a sensation in 2006 with the world‘s first scanner to boast a basic spatial resolution (BSR) of 40 μm, DÜRR NDT is now set to make an impact with the first scanner certified by BAM for a maximum BSR of 30 μm.

HD-CR 35 NDT New Product Innovation Leadership Award

02. Jun 2014 /

New Product Innovation Leadership Award for DÜRR NDT's HD-CR 35 NDT

Going Safely into Space with Solutions by DÜRR NDT

05. May 2014 /

AIRBUS Defence and Space, a division of the AIRBUS Group, specializes in making civil and military aircraft and spacecraft systems. The company has been using the HD-CR 35 NDT Imaging Plate Scanner by DÜRR NDT since 2009.

An Exemplary Success Story

23. Nov 2012 /

When Emerson equipped their facilities in Boulder (USA), Chihuahua (Mexico), Nanjing (China) and Ede (the Netherlands) with computes radiography (CR) Imaging Plate Scanners from Germany based company Dürr NDT, it was clear that this was going to save a lot of money, ease the workflow and cut labor costs. But as Mike Corbett says “the Dürr NDT CR system more than meets our expectations” which makes it a success story that serves as an example for the various advantages companies take from using CR technology from Dürr NDT.

HD-CR 43 NDT Digital Radiography System

04. Oct 2012 /

At Exova we pride ourselves on offering unrivalled inspection solutions to our clients. In order to continue our diversification into new areas and improve the services on offer Exova has invested in a new digital radiography system from DÜRR NDT, Germany.

Rolls-Royce Tested DÜRR HD-Scanner

02. Nov 2009 /

DÜRR NDT proudly announces that it has successfully passed the evaluation of both HD-CR 35 NDT and HD-CR 43 NDT which are considered by Rolls-Royce as film replacement options.

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