D-Tect NDT X-ray inspection software | DICONDE compliant

D-Tect X-ray inspection software

D-Tect allows you to achieve an optimal and time-saving inspection workflow – the perfect complement to all computed radiography scanners and digital X-ray detectors.


DICONDE compliant

The user can be certain that images can be viewed on any other DICONDE compliant system.



All functions are included: from image capture, analysis and report generation to data import/export and database management.



Since its launch in 2006, the software is being continually developed and improved.

The perfect software solution

Despite its comprehensive set of features, D-Tect is fast, intuitive and easy-to-learn. Support for the DICONDE standard ensures that images can be viewed and processed by any other DICONDE compatible system. The D-Tect Enterprise integration solution also provides the possibility to interface with nearly any third-party software or system.


Key functions

  • DICONDE interface
  • Automatic network database synchronization after field work
  • Extensive export functions
  • Simultaneous reference image adjustment
  • Automatic DICONDE import
  • Automatic filter settings for defined applications

Network integration

In additional to normal single-workstation use, the software can be effortlessly integrated into a network if a collaborative workflow is required. It is also possible to interface with external cloud solutions.

Examlpe network

Automatic calibration using a ball bearing or any other object with a known dimension, like the outer dimension of a pipe.

Basic Spatial Resolution (SRb)
Basic spatial resolution

After loading an image, the SRb is automatically determined by drawing a line over a duplex wire (IQI ) according to ISO 17636-2 and ASTM E 2446-2015.

Report function

In a few easy steps, a comprehensive report can be generated from the project data. Custom templates can also be created.

Wall thickness measurement
Wall thickness measurement

This optional tool measures at one or more points along the straight or curved walls of a pipe. Limits can be defined so that warnings are shown when the wall thickness becomes critically thin. All the latest standards requirements are also taken into account.

Simple and reliable evaluation
Aerospace applications

Consistent quality and detection of the finest details are essential for NDT – specially designed filters and functions make simple and effective evaluation possible. With only three clicks it is possible to save optimum evaluation settings for use with subsequent images.

Tailored to fit your needs

A versatile software platform that provides the information and data which is relevant for your particular application and workflow.

Min. system requirements D-Tect
Operating system Microsoft Windows Vista, 32-bit SP 2
(from Home Premium)
CPU Intel Pentium IV compatible
1.4 GHz
Hard drive Workstation
(without database)
≥50 GB
Graphics card Resolution ≥ 1280 X 1024
Graphic memory ≥ 128 MB
Colour depth 32-bit,
16.7 million colours
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