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Always the highest image quality, no matter what kind of radiographic testing - this is our strength. Get more out of radiography with DÜRR NDT!

Direct digital radiography CMOS detector

DR 7.2 NDT

CMOS detector

Computed radiography imaging plate scanner


High resolution imaging plate scanner

NDT DICONDE imaging software


NDT imaging software

DRP 2020 / 4040 NDT flat panel detectors

DRP 2020 / 4040 NDT

Flat panel detectors

XR 24 NDT automatic X-ray film processor


Automatic X-ray film processor

NDT X-ray processing chemicals

NDT X-ray Chemicals

Green film processing chemicals

23 May 2017
Location: Pasadena, CA, USA
25 May 2017
Location: St. Petersburg, Russia
26 Jun 2017
Location: Mashantucket, CT, USA
05 Sep 2017
Location: Telford, UK
24 Oct 2017
Location: Bremen, Germany
24 Oct 2017
Location: Moscow, Russia
30 Oct 2017
Location: Nashville, TN, USA
11 Jun 2018
Location: Gothenburg, Sweden

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