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Latest press releases

HD-CR 35 NDT Supports Bringing Astranis Satellites Into Orbit

07. Mar 2024 /

Astranis uses a combination of the HD-CR-35 NDT computed radiography scanner with high-resolution imaging plates and an X-ray generator to inspect orbital welds made in manifolds. They have three operators who are trained to use the scanner and produce around 30 X-ray images per week.

The Mariners’ Museum and Park Explores Maritime History Using Digital X-ray Imaging

07. Nov 2023 /

As part of its important conservation and research effort, The Mariners’ Museum recently acquired the HD-CR 35 Computed Radiography system and D-Tect X software to replace much of their existing X-ray capability, improving efficiency and flexibility.

Supporting Digital Radiography Training in Australia

14. Sep 2023 /

ATTAR has been using DÜRR NDT computed radiography scanners since 2015 and more recently the DRC 2430 NDT high-resolution flat panel detector since 2019. The systems are used primarily for digital radiography training targeting the industrial and engineering sectors.



Upcoming events

WCNDT 2024 Incheon
27 May 2024
Location: Incheon, South Korea

20th WCNDT

Canadian Institute for Non-Destructive Evaluation
11 Jun 2024
Location: Ottawa, ON, Canada

NDTiC 2024

20 Aug 2024
Location: Selangor, Malaysia


Technical articles

Investigation of the effect of metallic screens on image quality in gamma computed radiography

Nick D‘Ademo, DÜRR NDT
15. Nov 2018 /

The role of metallic screens in computed radiography for controlling scattered radiation is very well-known. This paper extends this topic further and quantitatively investigates how image quality in terms of signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) and basic spatial resolution (SRb) is influenced by metallic screens when Iridium-192 is used as the radiation source.

Practical guideline for digital radiographic testing of welds according to ISO 17636-2

Uli Pöhler, DÜRR NDT; Steve Jelfs, DÜRR NDT
06. Sep 2017 /

As standards become increasingly important in radiographic testing, knowing how to properly apply these standards in real-world applications is now more crucial than ever. Learn how to apply the ISO 17636-2 standard using a steel weld plate as an example and shorten your time to a high-quality image.

Fully-Automated Weld Inspection of Aerospace turbines enabled by Digital Radiography

Nick D‘Ademo, DÜRR NDT; Wolfgang Schultz, DÜRR NDT
04. Sep 2017 /

As the digitization of X-ray technology continues to expand in the NDT inspection world, many manual inspection tasks can now be fully automated. The main benefits are a significant increase in productivity and efficiency as well as higher end-product quality.

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