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Latest press releases

The Mariners’ Museum and Park Explores Maritime History Using Digital X-ray Imaging

07. Nov 2023 /

As part of its important conservation and research effort, The Mariners’ Museum recently acquired the HD-CR 35 Computed Radiography system and D-Tect X software to replace much of their existing X-ray capability, improving efficiency and flexibility.

Supporting Digital Radiography Training in Australia

14. Sep 2023 /

ATTAR has been using DÜRR NDT computed radiography scanners since 2015 and more recently the DRC 2430 NDT high-resolution flat panel detector since 2019. The systems are used primarily for digital radiography training targeting the industrial and engineering sectors.



Seamless Digital RT Workflow with DRIVE NDT and D-Tect X

11. Jul 2023 /

For an optimal digital workflow in radiographic testing (RT), the X-ray inspection software D-Tect X can be integrated with the NDT management software DRIVE NDT. The closely meshed interaction between DRIVE NDT and D-Tect X means that a large part of the process takes place automatically.

Upcoming events

NDE 2023
07 Dec 2023
Location: Pune, India

NDE 2023

API Inspection Summit 2024
23 Jan 2024
Location: San Antonio, TX, USA

API Inspection Summit 2024

20 Feb 2024
Location: Las Vegas, NV, USA

NDTMA Annual Conference 2024

Technical articles

Investigation of the effect of metallic screens on image quality in gamma computed radiography

Nick D‘Ademo, DÜRR NDT
15. Nov 2018 /

The role of metallic screens in computed radiography for controlling scattered radiation is very well-known. This paper extends this topic further and quantitatively investigates how image quality in terms of signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) and basic spatial resolution (SRb) is influenced by metallic screens when Iridium-192 is used as the radiation source.

Practical guideline for digital radiographic testing of welds according to ISO 17636-2

Uli Pöhler, DÜRR NDT; Steve Jelfs, DÜRR NDT
06. Sep 2017 /

As standards become increasingly important in radiographic testing, knowing how to properly apply these standards in real-world applications is now more crucial than ever. Learn how to apply the ISO 17636-2 standard using a steel weld plate as an example and shorten your time to a high-quality image.

Fully-Automated Weld Inspection of Aerospace turbines enabled by Digital Radiography

Nick D‘Ademo, DÜRR NDT; Wolfgang Schultz, DÜRR NDT
04. Sep 2017 /

As the digitization of X-ray technology continues to expand in the NDT inspection world, many manual inspection tasks can now be fully automated. The main benefits are a significant increase in productivity and efficiency as well as higher end-product quality.

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